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Taraleigh Steiner Playgroup 2019:

Playgroup Sessions : Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 9:30am - 11.30am.

Location : Moorleigh Community Village, Bignell Rd, East Bentleigh, next door to the kindergarten.

Fees : Early bird fee is $180.00.

Standard fee is $200.00 per term.

Additional child fee is $75.00 per term for children over age 6 months.

Additional sessions are $140.00 for 1 child or $175.00 for 2 children.

We invite you to attend a session to see for yourself how well it suits you and your child. All families who are interested in a trial session must contact Marisa our Playgroup Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to attending to ensure we can accommodate you within your preferred session time.

For more information or to enrol, please contact Marisa Julian-Fraser at or on M: 0437 800 338


Little Blue Wrens Rostered Playgroup:

Also operating out of Moorleigh Community Village is an older group Playgroup for kindergarten aged children.  Little Blue Wrens currently operates on Tuesday afternoon 1 - 4pm and Friday mornings from 9:30am - 12:30pm.

Little Blue Wrens is run by a Steiner trained teacher and assistant with rostered parents support. To be eligible children must turn 4 or 5 during the year of attendance.

The program promotes the child’s natural development through play and exploration. The focus is on the development of the child, and in particular the development of important skills and understandings of the world around them.

For further information please contact Marisa Julian-Fraser at or on M:0437 800 338

Playgroup is a wonderful opportunity for parents and the younger child to come together in the beauty of a kinder-like environment. It gives parents the time to meet and converse with other parents and children.

When you enter the playgroup room, you and your child/ren will be greeted by your playgroup leader. Each family brings a piece of fruit to share for morning tea. Morning tea preparation begins at 9.45am. Children and parents are able to play indoors with the beautiful wooden and handcrafted toys, explore the park outside, or busy themselves with craft work or morning tea preparation. Just before morning tea, a soft song will let parents/children know that it's time to wash hands and come together for some seasonal songs and finger rhymes. With the table set for morning tea whilst the children play we then sing our blessing:


Blessings on the root

Blessings on the blossom
Blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaves and stems
Blessings on the root


When morning tea is finished the children quietly leave the table and continue with their play. During playtime, parents may like to be involved in craft projects. Working on special projects for the playgroup is a great opportunity to quietly talk with other parents, learn new skills and provide a positive and focused model for children. Our aim is to be involved in meaningful tasks that are worthy of imitation.

Towards the end of the session a little song will let everyone know it is time to pack all of the play things away. Children are encouraged to help and love helping when they see everyone is involved. Once the room is tidied the children will know story time has arrived when they hear their leader sing a soft song. Parents and children gather around to hear the story. A little verse is sung as the children and parents settle for the story. When the story is finished we sing a good-bye song and children and parents quietly leave for home. The story is a seasonal one, which is repeated each week. Children love rhythm and repetition and enjoy the familiarity of characters and events.

Parents are encouraged to help with the different routines of playgroup. These involve preparing the morning tea by cutting up fruit, setting tables/space with plates, glasses and water jugs. After morning tea, dishes need to be washed and put away.

At playgroup we are seeking to create a reverent, nurturing, safe environment for all of our families, so this means that as adults we need to strive to be conscious and present for our children. With greater awareness we can better offer the children support and guidance, as they embark on their journeys of interaction. As a Steiner playgroup we would encourage the wearing of natural materials (eg. cotton, wool) with the absence of logos and motifs on all clothing etc.