Welcome to Taraleigh Steiner Pre-school and Playgroup

Come and visit our wonderful pre-school - meet the teachers, experience our natural surrounds Taraleigh Steiner Pre-School is located in beautiful grounds on the edge of East Bentleigh Primary School (which runs a dual curriculum of Steiner and mainstream classes).

We run a mixed age program. For the child turning 5 by December 31 in the year they attend, they are able to come for 16 hours per week. Comprising of 2 full days (9am-3pm on either a Monday and Wednesday or a Tuesday and Thursday) and one half day (9am-1pm Friday). Children turning 4 by December 31st have the option to attend kinder two morning sessions per week (9am-1pm) on either a Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. We also have playgroups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30am - 11:30am at Moorleigh Community Village next door to the kinder.  Also operating out of Moorleigh Community Village is an older group Playgroup for pre-school aged children.  Little Blue Wrens currently operates on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1-4pm. Our program is based on the theories and teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

The Steiner philosophy on kindergarten education aims to ensure each child is physically, emotionally, and spiritually nurtured. The Taraleigh Steiner Pre-School program is play based and therefore promotes your child's natural development through play and exploration. The kindergarten is the bridge between home and school where your child develops skills and understandings of the world around them through a combination of home like activities including cooking and gardening and activities such as painting and drawing. The Taraleigh environment aims to nurture the children's senses but not overwhelm them.

If you would like to come and visit us please contact Carmen Smith on 0402 208 355 or email taraleigh.enrolment@gmail.com 



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We offer Playgroup and an Older and Younger Children program.

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