Events 2019

At Taraleigh Steiner Kindergarten and Playgroup parents have the opportunity to become involved in a number of events within the pre-school community. Some of these events are for fund raising, or to help keep the pre-school in good running order, and some are part of the Steiner philosophy.


We have a weekly craft circle running for parents on Tuesdays between 9:45am-12:45pm. Please contact our Craft Co-ordinator Catherine Millwood, mobile: 0410 340 144 or via email for further details


We host a talk each term at Playgroup - speakers are brought in. Please check for times and dates on our events page.


You will be invited to share in celebrating your child's birthday, where we hold a special birthday ritual. We ask that the parent share with the group some significant events from each year of the child's life. Parents are also welcome to bring a cake.


The end of each term is usually finished by a celebration which allows us to say goodbye for the holidays. It is often scheduled at the end of the last session for the term, with the exception of the winter festival which is held in the evening. Each festival celebrates the approaching season with stories, songs, and activities. We share food that the families bring in which is reflective of the season being celebrated.



  • Term 1 starts 30th January


  • Craft making


  • Craft making

  • End term 1


  • Begin term 2

  • Autumn Festival Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th April

  • Craft making


  • Craft making

  • Working Bee Saturday 19th May 9am - 1pm

  • Taraleigh Steiner Kindergarten and Playgroup Open Day Saturday 25th May 10am - 2pm during Education Week


  • Craft Making

  • Winter Lantern Festival Evening Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June

  • End term 2


  • Begin term 3

  • Craft making

  • Advent stick making


  • Craft making

  • Advent stick making


  • Craft making

  • Advent stick making

  • Spring Festival Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September

  • End term 3


  • Begin term 4

  • Craft making

  • Advent stick making

  • AGM Tuesday 15th October


  • Craft making

  • Advent stick making

  • Advent stick sales

  • Working bee Sunday 23rd November

  • St Nicholas Day Fair Saturday 23rd November


  • Summer Festival Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December

  • End term 4